Our Las Cruces NM Casa

After over 2 and a half years here in McAlester, OK, we have determined that we are more than ready to move on! Mary has taken early retirement from JCPenneys and I am more than ready to move back “home”. We got a contract on our home here in about 4 weeks, set to close Dec. 29th. We also have found a nice cozy southwestern style home in Las Cruces, with a wonderful view of the Organ Mountains, that is also set to close on the 29th. Mary and myself are really looking forward to the move, or at least where we will be after the move ;). This will be the 4th move we’ve done in 8 years. The previous moves was predicated to Mary’s advancing JCPenny career transfers. We do not plan to be needing to move again. With the Las Cruces being one of Mary’s JCPennys work locations, it will be nice to live back where we both have friends and family. It will be different from the last few moves where we moved to towns where we initially did not know anybody which included Farmington, NM and McAlester, OK. Like being strangers in a strange land for the last 5 years. We will miss a few people we have met here in McAlester, but that is about it. Texas and New Mexico just feels more like home for us. So onward we move to a new chapter in our lives.