3/21/10 – Getting ready for a super road trip this week. On Friday I will be riding down to The Woodlands to meet up with 3 great friends I made in Lubbock when I lived there. We have put alot of miles on together.

On Saturday morning we will leave out  to go to New Orleans and then after that, on to Key West, FL. Or at least as far as we can go without getting the bikes wet ;).

After Key West we are heading up through Georgia into Eastern NC and ride two different routes through the Smokey Mountains. One includes Deal’s Gap and the Tail of the Dragon. Then were off to Chattanooga & Memphis, TN and then back home. I figured it out to be about 4000 miles. Definitely a ride for the bucket list.

I will be posting road reports along with pictures as we progress.

Pretty wild up here in McAlester, OK. Here at the first day of spring, we get about 5-6″ of snow! And only about 5 more days before I have to hit the road. Hope it all clears up fast. Thank goodness the forcasts are looking good for later this week. I will be busy until then figuring out how to pack a bike for a 10-14 day road trip.

Mtg in East HoustonFriday, 3/26/10 – Road down to Houston to meet up with Barney, Harry & Jerry. Stayed with my brother in The Woodlands and then meet the others in the morning and head for New Orleans, LA. Then below are a few more log entries. Click on the image to the left to view the log photos of the trip.

For the rest of the log entries and ride photos click on the “More…” button.

USS Alabama

Sunday, 3/28/10 – Day 3: On Sunday we left New Orleans and headed down I-10. We went through Mississippi and stopped in Mobile, Alabama and went to see the WWII, USS Alabama that is docked there. We ended the day in Panama City, Florida. Tomorrow we will be going down the west coast of Florida. More to be posted soon.

Mon, 3/29/10 – Day 4: From Panama City we headed down highway 98 to run along the eastern coast of Florida. Tons of small towns and stop and go intersections so we cut north to hiway 20 to go east more before returning to 98 heading south. Beautiful ride. Side of the road foliage becomes a mixture of pine and palm trees. Stopped and visited the Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park where we saw some Manatees. Made it to through Tampa and on to St. Petersburg, FL. It was quite gusty crossing the bridge between the two. Tomorrow will probably stop at Key Largo or Key Islamorada. We will see. Click here to go to today’s pictures.

Tuesday, March 30th. We left out from Panama City, Florida and headed south down highway 98. We stopped at Big Cypress Bend Boardwalk State Reserve. Upon our arrival at the start, next to a channel in the parking area lay about an 8′ alligator, sunning itself. This was in the open, no fence enclosure or anything. The gator had left by the time we finished the boardwalk. We saw a couple more smaller ones along the boardwalk. The water was average 6″ along the walk. The vegetation was plush and impressive. There was growing plants growing in crevices of other growing plants! That’s plush. Even saw a bald eagle’s nest you can see in the photo gallery. Farther down the road we decided to check into an air-boat ride. Again we saw large and small alligators in their natural habitat. We continued on until we got to Key Largo where we got rooms at Marina Del Mar. Lots of nice boats docked next to the resort. Next stop tomorrow, Key West. For pics of day 5 Click Here..

Wednesday, 3/31/10 – Day 6: We hit the road from Key Largo and proceeded down highway 1 to Key West. The Vegetation was beautiful. Bogenvailia grew so well they were being grown as hedges. When we arrive in Key West we went to the end of highway 1 to mile 0. This is the furthest southern point of the United States. We then, with the help of the 2 GPS units on Barney’s & Jerry’s bike found two houses that my great grandfather once lived at 609 & 615 Ashe St. Pictures of them are included in the photo gallery. We then went to the Conch Harbor and had lunch at their restaurant. After serveral hours in Key West, visiting Duvall St. we saddled up and headed back north until we got to Florida City and called it a day and got our rooms. Tomorrow we will proceed up the east coast of Florida and see were we will end up. Go here to see picturs of Day 6.

Friday, 4/2/10 – Day 7: Hey, Today is my birthday!! What a great gift to be able to be on this ride! We left Florida City north on I-95. We went by the Daytona Speedway. At Daytona we moved over to highway A1A that runs up the ocean view road. Some amazing homes and resorts there. On the ocean road we went to the original Daytona Harley Davidson Dealership. We then went to the New Harley Dealership/Compound which is just north of Daytona on highway 1. It is huge. It is supposed to be the largest dealership in the country. It is not only a dealership. It has a rather large museum of vintage bikes throughout the sales area. It also has a ring of shops, a Hotel, and even it’s own tattoo shop. If it’s has to do with Harley, it’s there. It is the size of a good size shopping center. After eating a bite there we proceeded to St. Augustine, FL and got a room. St. Augustine is claimed to be the oldest town in the US. I can also vouch for the excellent shrimp and seafood that is there. 😉 Go here to see the pictures of Day 7.

Saturday, 4/3/10 – Day 8: We left St. Augustine, FL. north on I-95 N through Jacksonville and stopped in historic Savannah, GA around lunch time. Got some good pictures of some of the many downtown plazas. We then proceeded to Columbia, SC where we stopped for the night. Tomorrow we should be hitting the Smokey Mountains, Deal’s Gap and ride the Tail of the Dragon. Should be fun. For pictures of Day 8, Go Here…

Sunday, 4/4/10 – Day 9: Today we left from Columbia, SC and rode up to the NC and TN border area. where the Smokey Mountains. Blue Ridge Parkway, Cherokee Parkway is. Maggie Valley & Cherokee, NC was really neat. We made it up to and around the Deal’s Gap area. Unfortunately the main Dragon’s Tail road was closed due to a rock slide that took out both lanes. It was still something to see and some twisty roads for sure. We ended up in the Gattlingburg/Pigeon Forge area where we stayed the night. For pictures of the day, Go Here…

Monday, 4/5/10 – Day 10: No Pics for today we headed west from Pigeon’s Forge.traveled through Nashville & Memphis, TN before turning in for the night on the west side of Memphis. It was hot today but the ride was great. Tomorrow we will be heading for McAlester, OK. It will be the end of the line for me but my 3 buddies will be continuating on to Lubbock the next morning.

Tuesday, 4/6/10 – Day 11: We made it to my place from Memphis at about 4:30. We ran into some gusty winds but other than that the weather was perfect. Barney, Harry & Jerry stayed at my place for the night after some rib eyes cooked on the grill and some good fellowship. They left out early headed for their homes in Lubbock, TX. I have posted all the pics I took, however Harry had some that I have put into an album. To view his pictures, Go Here…

It has been a wonderful trip and a great way to fellowship with some great friends. I look forward to the next opportunity.